Dr Andrew Renaut


Cancer Surgeon

Andrew is an Englishman who moved to Brisbane twenty years ago where he runs a busy surgical practice looking after patients with cancer and other bowel-related conditions. He has spent forty years studying and operating on the human body and has a profound understanding of how it works particularly in relation to the food we put into it and what goes wrong when we feed it differently to how it has evolved. He is passionate about wellbeing and prevention and it’s a constant source of disappointment seeing so many patients suffering serious disease and dying early because they haven’t been given the right advice. To help them he has developed a very comprehensive and free website – Nysteia. He has also written the definitive guide: The User’s Manual For Your Body; and he has now established this Fasting Clinic.

Andrew also has a degree in immunology in the form of a Masters of Surgery for which he wrote a thesis based on some of the immune mechanisms in cancer. With this knowledge he has proposed the Renaut Hypothesis – he believes it is a defective immune system that causes many of the health problems, such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes and Alzheimer’s, that are associated with obesity.

When he’s not doctoring, Andrew sails fast yachts, flies fast planes and drives fast cars. He also skis down mountains fast and is an accomplished chef; he likes doing all of these things in the company of his two daughters. He maintains peak physical and mental fitness by using the Nysteia Formula every day.